November 20, 2013

Studying for the Accuplacer Test

Accuplacer General Tips

Students who suffer from test anxiety should remember that it is not possible to “fail” the Accuplacer. The test is designed to help students. Students should be sure to get enough sleep the night before the test and eat a balanced meal on the day of the test. They should arrive early at the testing site and remember to bring their picture ID. Students should also remember not to rush through the reading portions of the test and not to choose any answers before reading each answer carefully.

Accuplacer Study Guide

Studying for the Accuplacer test takes time and dedication. Here are some general ideas for studying:

  • To prepare for the math portion of the test, find a reliable source for practice problems; the best way to learn math is actually to do the problems; memorization usually is not helpful.
  • Review arithmetic, elementary algebra, pre-calculus, geometry, trigonometry, and any other math that might be on the test.
  • Review vocabulary words in preparation for the essay and reading portions of the test.
  • Practice by reading passages from magazines, newspapers, and online articles and then determining the main and supporting ideas of the passages

Accuplacer Exam Information

Not every college or university requires the Accuplacer test. These are not intelligence tests; rather, they are aptitude tests that help place students in the appropriate level of classes. The test features math (arithmetic, elementary algebra, and college level math), reading comprehension, English proficiency, and sometimes an essay. The test is untimed and taken online. The test is adaptive, meaning that the answer given on a question will determine the next question. Students must answer every question and cannot skip any questions.

How to Pass the ACCUPLACER

Accuplacer Scores

Accuplacer test scores are available immediately after taking the test. The scores are given to the student’s advisor. Every state has different standards for interpreting the scores. For example, in Texas, the state has set minimum passing scores for each portion of the test at:

  • Reading Comprehension = 78
  • Elementary Algebra = 63
  • Sentence Skills = 80
  • Essay = 6

The individual institutions can set their standards higher than state minimums if they so choose. Students may retake any portion of the Accuplacer test to achieve higher scores.